[Pkg-running-devel] Bug#816314: Bug#816314: Fix patch v2 for libusb1.0 update.

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Sun Apr 24 06:44:56 UTC 2016

Quoting Fenix (fenixian at gmail.com):
>     Hi.
>     I attach the previous patch cleaned of unfunctional cosmetic changes.
>     As I said in my previous message, I maintain the complex anidation of
> the original conditional structure. It is ugly, but it works. Anyway, if you
> think it should be refactor, we can make it a bit more readable.
>    So, I'm keeping from previuos patch (libusb1.0_fix.patch):
>    1) The elimination of a duplicate mark of block {} in the main for (this
> is cosmetic but is really ugly keep it. :))
>    2) The changes for the else block in the conditional blocks (Functional
> change).
>    3) The changes that pass the new (for libusb1.0) endpoints directions of
> the device (functional change). In this, I change too the printed messages
> for a better understanding for verbose purpose (cosmetic but I think it's
> neccesary for good verbosity).
>    If you have any question or suggestion, please, feel free to ask.
>    As I said in my last message, could be a good idea that the original
> patcher of the port to libusb1.0 checks this patch. I suppose he is
> experience with libusb, and I could overlook something related with.

I just uploaded -10 yesterday.

Please let me know if it works OK now.

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