[Pkg-running-devel] Removing myself from Uploaders and.....the future of the pkg-running group

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Sat Mar 24 06:46:14 UTC 2018

Hello folks,

(at least if someonne is listening)

It's time for me to acknowledge that my activity in Debiajn is
reachingn a point where resigning from Debian at some moment will
become obvious.

My free time is nowadays nearly fully used for ultra-running (and paid
work...at least for 10 years or so until I retire) and no
more Debian work. The only area where I am active is the installer
and, even there, I'm mosly only doing l10n uploads.

As a consequence, I'll start shutting down what I still have as duties
in the project.

The pkg-running grouup is nowadays not really very active. I did a few
uploads from time to time, for packages I care about (mostly openambit
and pytrainer, which I use). Sadly, my pet package (pytrainer) is
suffering from using outdated libraries and, again, will probably not
be part of the next Debian release.

I also didn't do the efforts to mmigrate the git repositories from
Alioth to Salsa....and, quite soon, they will no longer be usable,
except in read-only mode.

The mailing list, on Alioth, will survive as long as people make a new
service alive for that and that's it.

As a consequence, I will do the following:
- drop myself from packages where I am Uploader
- for those where I have been the only maintainer for "recent"
release, I'll orphan them and thus drop pkg-running from Maintainer

I have no idea if other "historic" members of the group are still
really active (Noèl? Ralf?). Please speak if you're reading this.

It will take time: I won't leave and vanish suddenly but I'mm try to
do this cleanly.


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