[pkg-s48-maint] Thanks for opening the project, and list to do

Jorgen Schaefer forcer@debian.org
Sun May 1 13:57:04 2005

Hi there!
Thanks for opening this project.

I have never used Alioth before, so if there's anything I should
look out for, please tell me. What other things do we want to do
with the project, except for using the mailing list and the
repository space?

The discussion on the Scheme policy proposal on debian-devel is
nonexistent. I will open the bug report to create the virtual
packages "Real Soon Now", and write another posting, maybe that
provokes some replies.

My Scheme 48 package is mostly ready for upload, modulo the
Provides: of the virtual packages and the Uploaders: field.

It is non-trivial to get Scheme 48 to install multiple copies of
the same version. The paths that control everything are
semi-distributed thorough the build process. Unless you think it
would be definitively needed, I won't try to create versioned

We wanted to use tla or darcs for the version control. There's a
darcs-buildpackage script we might want to use, which is modeled
closely to tla-buildpackage (and by the same author, if I remember
correctly), so you might find it familiar. At the moment, I use
dpatch for the Scheme 48 package, and I wonder why we (I) should
use a more elaborate setup at all - I never used a revision
control system for my packages yet, and it looks like it requires
more work than it removes. What exactly is the major advantage?

For other packages, we don't have a naming convention yet. From
what I see, we have the following options:

1) scheme48-<package>, scsh-<package> (OCaml, Python, Common Lisp)
2) lib<package>-s48, lib<package>-scsh (Perl, Ruby, OCaml for C
   library bindings)
3) <package>-s48 and <package>-scsh (Emacs)

I'd go for No. 1, any opinions?

For those packages, we agreed to use Maintainer:
pkg-scheme48-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org, and set
Uploaders: to both of us. I think it's ok to keep the maintainer
field to each of us for the major packages (and add the other
person as Uploaders), as I don't know much about the scsh package
and its internals. :-)

The following list is a "wishlist" - all of them would be nice to
have, but no hurry with any of them.

    Scsh only. It's a prerequisite for most of the ones below. I
    think you were working on that one, how is it going?
    Useful for both scheme48 and scsh. The latter should be
    trivial, as it supports the scsh install-lib. The former is
    also quite trivial.
    Only useful for scsh, but also trivial, as install-lib is
    supported again.
    Prepackaged for both scheme48 and scsh at
    Oleg's permissive XML parser, at http://ssax.sourceforge.net/.
    Packages available for s48, shouldn't be too difficult to port
    to scsh.

Other stuff we might want to add (mostly for scsh):

FPS (functional postscript), scsh-sql, pgscsh, scx, orion,
scheme-xp, image-info, tiff, markup, ecm-net, scsh-yp, spmr,
bulky, sgd, scsh-expect

        -- Jorgen

Debian GNU/Linux Developer