[pkg-s48-maint] sunterlib CVS access

Jorgen Schaefer forcer@debian.org
Mon Jun 27 02:41:02 2005

Hi there,
I just had an interesting talk with acarrico, the current
maintainer of sunterlib. He missed the bug report you sent, as
apparently, he was not Cc'd as he thought he would be. But that's
not the main point:

<acarrico> forcer: do you or Lionel have cvs access to Sunterlib?
> acarrico: Nope
<acarrico> Set yourself up at Savannah and request membership if you are
> acarrico: Thanks.
> acarrico: Do you want the Debian modifications in sunterlib itself? I.e. a
    debian/ subdirectory? Or what did you have in mind with giving us CVS
    access? :-)
<acarrico> I only had in mind that you can easily propagate bugs upstream if
    you have access. But also, It would be fine to put the Debian subdir in
    CVS (assuming it doesn't clash with other uses).
<acarrico> And assuming modified BSD is ok for whatever goes in there.
<acarrico> propagate --bug fixes-- not --bugs--!

        -- Jorgen

Debian GNU/Linux Developer