[pkg-s48-maint] Re: scsh-install-lib: no cleaning facility?

Michel Schinz michel.schinz at epfl.ch
Sun Aug 14 15:53:42 UTC 2005

Le 26 juin 05 à 14:10, Lionel Elie Mamane a écrit :

> Hi,

Hello again,

> I did my first try at packaging an scsh package as a Debian package
> today. I realised that the install-lib lacks any "clean" feature -
> something that would undo what "--phases build" does. That's pretty
> critical for a Debian package: The build process must be able to undo
> itself. (That's what "make clean" usually does for Makefile-based
> build systems.)

So, I'm back from holidays and took a look at your suggestion. In  
fact, I have the impression that this will be trivial to implement  
for me. My idea is to add a new phase called "build-clean" to the  
current list. From the point of view of the library, that phase would  
behave like "build", i.e. nothing is done. It's then the task of  
package authors to handle that phase appropriately if their package  
contains C code, e.g. by invoking "make". To perform cleaning, the  
installation script would need to be called with the option "--phases  

Would such a design satisfy you? If it's the case, I think I can  
release a new version of the library quickly, say in less than a week.

Apart from that, out of curiosity, I was wondering whether one of you  
(either Lionel Elie or Jorgen) would be be interested in taking over  
the maintenance of that installation library. I will have little time  
to work on it from now on, my interest is not that high anymore, and  
both of you seem to be much more expert than I am on the subject. I  
certainly don't want to force you to accept, but if you're  
interested, please tell me.

Thanks for your patience,

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