[pkg-s48-maint] Dearest friend

Hassana Baki hassana406 at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 2 23:28:39 UTC 2005

Hassana Baki, Abdulahi.
#30,Emir Road Kano,


You may be surprised to receive this mail from me since you do not know me 
in person, I got your contact through network online hence i decided to 
I am Hassana Baki Abdulahi, the wife of late general abdulahi Hamza, who was 
the military attachee to south Africa during the regime of the general Sani 
Abacha, on the 21st of April 1998, my husband who was very close with 
general Abacha was given $US15, 000,000,000, but unfortunately, president 
Sani Abacha died before the general election was to be held that year 
1998.the money was given to my late husband to be used for some powerful 
African leaders to support Abacha in case of any external disruption.

My husband secretly kept this money in a security company immediately the 
money was given to him .it was only me that knew about the deposition of the 
money with the said security company. After the death of Abacha, we thought 
the family will approach my husband for the fund to be refunded but to the 
greatest dismay, the family of Abacha was not aware of the money. On 22nd 
day of June 2000 my husband died on ghastly auto crash along Abuja-Kano road 
.I and my family has been humiliated by the present government, all my 
husband money left behind has been taken by the government, our family 
account has been frozen even our personal house were seized all because my 
husband served the late general Abacha and he was his confidants. I have 
contacted you to assist me to clear this fund from the security company 
where this fund is secretly kept into your account hence no body is aware of 
the money except  me with all the document.
However the security company has issued me a notice to come over for the 
clearance of the money, which was concealed in one trunk box, or have it 
confiscated within the next 30 official working days. Since I have been on 
security watch by the government for all most 2 years now, I seek your 
concept to present you as the owner of the box(fund),so that the money will 
be sent to you, then you and I can share the money.70% for me and 30% for 
This transaction is legal and very easy, no risk involve at all. What I 
require is your honest cooperation to enable us see this transaction 
through. Please contact me with your full name, age, mailing address, phone 
and fax number on my personal email address for security purposes at 
hassana1 at uymail.com
Upon the confirmation of this and your readiness to receive this fund, I 
will immediately ask an attorney to carry out the legal procedures so that 
you will be contacted by the security company for onward dispatch of the 
fund to you.
I guarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that 
will protect you any breach of the law. Please treat this matter as urgent 
as possible, I expect your soonest response.
Best regards
Sister Hassana Baki Abdulahi

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