[pkg-s48-maint] Bug#339602: scheme48: [m68k] FTBFS:

Christian T. Steigies cts at debian.org
Thu Nov 17 13:26:17 UTC 2005

Package: scheme48
Version: 1.3-4
Severity: important
Justification: fails to build from source

your package fails to build on m68k, anything I could debug?

Automatic build of scheme48_1.3-4 on garkin by sbuild/m68k 69
** Using build dependencies supplied by package:
Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 4.0.0)
Checking for already installed source dependencies...
debhelper: already installed (4.9.12 >= 4.0.0 is satisfied)
Checking for source dependency conflicts...
Checking correctness of source dependencies...
Toolchain package versions: libc6-dev_2.3.5-6 linux-kernel-headers_2.6.13+0rc3-1.1 gcc-4.0_4.0.2-2 g++-4.0_4.0.2-2 binutils_2.16.1-3 libstdc++6-4.0-dev_4.0.2-2 libstdc++6_4.0.2-2
m68k-linux-gnu-gcc -c  -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I ./c -I./c -Wall -g -O2 -o c/srfi-27.o c/srfi-27.c
rm -f /tmp/s48_external_$$.c &&				\
./build/build-external-modules /tmp/s48_external_$$.c	\
	s48_init_posix_dir	s48_init_posix_user s48_init_posix_regexp	s48_init_posix_proc_env s48_init_posix_io	s48_init_posix_proc s48_init_socket s48_init_dynlink s48_init_sysexits s48_init_external_lookup  s48_init_srfi_27 &&				\
m68k-linux-gnu-gcc -rdynamic -Wall -g -O2 -o scheme48vm c/main.o c/scheme48vm.o c/scheme48heap.o c/scheme48read-image.o c/scheme48write-image.o c/extension.o c/free.o c/double_to_string.o c/external.o c/bignum.o c/unix/misc.o c/unix/io.o c/unix/fd-io.o c/unix/event.o	\
	/tmp/s48_external_$$.c				\
	 -lnsl -ldl -lm 					\
	c/posix/user.o     c/posix/regexp.o c/posix/proc-env.o c/posix/proc.o c/posix/io.o	c/posix/dir.o c/unix/socket.o c/unix/dynlink.o c/unix/sysexits.o c/unix/dynamo.o c/fake/glue.o c/srfi-27.o     &&		\
rm -f /tmp/s48_external_$$.c
./build/build-usual-image . "`(cd . && echo $PWD)`/scheme" 'scheme48.image' './scheme48vm' \
Correcting byte order of resumed image.
not a bignum -1071103060
make[1]: *** [scheme48.image] Error 255


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