[pkg-s48-maint] Bug#414931: scsh-0.6: patch for amd64 support

Trent W. Buck trentbuck at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 20:03:50 UTC 2008

On Thu, Mar 15, 2007 at 11:00:20PM +1100, Trent Buck wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 15, 2007 at 07:16:09AM +0100, Lionel Elie Mamane wrote:
>> On Thu, Mar 15, 2007 at 07:28:49AM +1100, Trent Buck wrote:
>>> The attached patch makes scsh 0.6.7 compile on the amd64 platform,
>>> using 32-bit libraries.
>> Indeed I expect that unconditionally adding -m32 to CFLAGS breaks
>> other platforms.
> The following is a similar patch for Scheme48 that adds -m32
> conditionally. [...]

Here's the exact changes needed to add support for AMD64 to scsh-0.6,
and *nothing* else.  It was generated by debdiff; apply thusly:

    apt-get source scsh-0.6
    cd scsh-0.6-0.6.7/
    patch -p1 <../just-add-amd64.patch

It adds the appropriate build dependencies to control.in and control.
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