[Pkg-scicomp-commits] hpcc/trunk [BROKEN EMAIL]

Mon Jun 15 07:46:10 UTC 2009

SVN commit 4479 by lucas:

[svn-inject] Applying Debian modifications to trunk

 AM            hpcc/trunk/debian (directory)  
 A             hpcc/trunk/debian/README.Debian  
 A             hpcc/trunk/debian/changelog  
 A             hpcc/trunk/debian/compat  
 A             hpcc/trunk/debian/control  
 A             hpcc/trunk/debian/copyright  
 A             hpcc/trunk/debian/docs  
 A             hpcc/trunk/debian/examples  
 A             hpcc/trunk/debian/hpcc.install  
 AM            hpcc/trunk/debian/rules  
 A             hpcc/trunk/debian/watch  
 A             hpcc/trunk/hpl (directory)  
 A             hpcc/trunk/hpl/Make.Debian  
 A             mergeWithUpstream  
 A             svn:executable  

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