[Pkg-scicomp-devel] Re: [xmds-devel] Debian xmds package ready to go

Graham Dennis graham.dennis at anu.edu.au
Thu Nov 30 12:11:11 CET 2006

Looking at the logs, it looks to be a difference between the MPI  
distribution you are using and others. For some, you can invoke mpicc  
to compile C++ source files (such as the files generated by XMDS),  
however for others you need to execute mpicxx, mpic++ or something  
similar. You can override the name of the MPI compiler used by  
creating a file ~/.xmds/xmds.prefs with the line:
(or mpic++, etc).

Perhaps the best solution might be to change the default for MPICC in  
XMDS from mpicc to mpic++.


On 30 Nov 2006, at 9:56 PM, Rafael Laboissiere wrote:

> * Joseph Hope <joseph.hope at anu.edu.au> [2006-11-30 10:58]:
>> The first patch I'll put into the CVS, but the second won't work for
>> the main distribution, because there is no MPI support in FFTW3.
>> This means that maximum speed is gained by having FFTW3 available for
>> non-MPI computations, and FFTW2.1.5 for MPI calculations.  Having no
>> experience with apt-get dependencies, I don't know how to make it
>> work without losing that ability.  (Which some of us prize fairly
>> highly.)
> * Graham Dennis <graham.dennis at anu.edu.au> [2006-11-30 11:14]:
>> If I understand it correctly, your patches mean that XMDS would only
>> use FFTW2 or FFTW3, but not both. Could you explain why you have
>> chosen to do this? One of the problems with FFTW3 is that it doesn't
>> have MPI support (yet, though they have been promising to add it for
>> years), however FFTW2 does. As such, it is useful to be able to use
>> either FFTW2 or FFTW3 depending on whether or not the (deterministic)
>> simulation is to be run with MPI or not.
> When doing some preliminary tests for the Debian package building,  
> I reached
> the conclusion that it was not possible to compile XMDS when both  
> fftw2 and
> fftw3 where installed in the system.  From what you tell above and  
> from what
> I just observed here, this was a mistake of mine.
> I built a fixed Debian package, without the infamous patch, and  
> uploaded it
> to:
>     http://people.debian.org/~rafael/xmds/
> This version is built with:
>         --enable-fftw3
> 	--enable-mpi
>         --with-mpi-path=/usr/lib/mpich
> and against the fftw-dev (this is FFTW2), fftw3-dev, and  
> libmpich1.0-dev
> packages.  However, the kubo.xmds and highdim.xmds examples do not  
> work.  I
> am attaching below the build logs with the error messages.  Any  
> help for
> finding the problem will be appreciated.
> -- 
> Rafael
> <kubo.log>
> <highdim.log>

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