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Christophe Prud'homme prudhomm at debian.org
Thu Jan 4 20:02:50 CET 2007

Rafael, David

[ jeudi 4 janvier 2007 19:15 ]
| * David Bateman <David.Bateman at motorola.com> [2007-01-02 10:22]:
| > I've already added to the cvs of octave an autoconf test for the
| > sparsesuite headers in the location /usr/include/sparsesuite and so this
| > is fine at least from the 2.9.10 release when it is released...
| Thanks for the info.
| There will probably be a problem with the Debian package, though, since the
| header files are installed in /usr/include/suitesparse instead of
| /usr/include/sparsesuite.  I am a little bit confused by that, because it
| is not clear to me whether the choice of the directory name is upstream
| authors' choice or the Debian pacakger's choice.  Christophe: could you
| please clarify this issue?
that's a typo when I wrote the email :(
in the debian package it is consistently named /usr/include/suitesparse 
sorry that I misled you 

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