[Pkg-scicomp-devel] Accepted paraview 3.2.3-2 (source i386)

Christophe Prud'homme prudhomm at debian.org
Sat Aug 2 11:24:28 UTC 2008

> I tested the new package from incoming and it works for me.
thank you for testing it

> Too bad it  won't make into lenny. Maybe let's wait 10 days and ask the release
> team? Imho help is an important usability bug.
I agree
in the worst case they will say no ;)

the other good news is that a friend of mine is backporting to stable
and it seems it compiles and runs without doing anything
(or almost nothing to do I can't remember)

I was fiddling with the idea of creating a branch for paraview-3.3 and
upload it to experimental until it is officially released,
what do you think about that ?

Best regards

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