[Pkg-scicomp-devel] packaging using cmake using external modules

Gerber van der Graaf gerber.vdgraaf at gmail.com
Fri May 29 09:21:01 UTC 2009

Hi, I am working on the DEB packaging of FreeFOAM
(http://freefoam.wiki.sourceforge.net/) that uses the CMake building
system. In order to build some tools for making the output readable in
Paraview, it uses 
find_package () which searches for a complete building tree of Paraview
which also includes ParaViewConfig.cmake. Paraview is available in
Debian, but does not provide ParaViewConfig.cmake.

Manually building of the Paraview modules in FreeFOAM by pointing to the
build tree of Paraview works fine. But in order to get DEB packages of
FreeFOAM, the building will also have to be done automatically, under
pbuilder for example. 

How to deal with this?
I already have reported a bug against paraview to include
ParaViewConfig.cmake, but wonder if that will do the trick.

Thanks in forward,
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