[Pkg-securepass-devel] Meeting Opportunity with Alessio

Emily Bezier emilybez at propulsevideodesign.com
Tue Nov 14 11:00:35 UTC 2017

 Hi Alessio,

I just reviewed your Linkedin profile so I thought I would contact you by
email directly.

I would like to discuss with you in person as we make explainer corporate
videos for investment banking companies such as ING or AXA.

We have helped some of them increase their sales by 20% by standing out and
raising their target audience’s interest in less than 2 minutes.

Would you be available sometime this week for a quick 15-minute call to
discuss how we could help you do the same?

PS: You can find out more by checking out our portfolio.

Best wishes,

[image: proplusvideo] <http://www.propulsevideo.com/>
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*Founder - Creative Director*
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