[Pkg-shinken-maint] Packaging of Shinken 2.0.x

Mathieu Parent (Debian) sathieu at debian.org
Tue Apr 29 04:52:26 UTC 2014

2014-04-29 6:38 GMT+02:00 Thibault Cohen <titilambert at titilambert.org>:
> Hello everyone !
> I worked all the last week end to get Shinken 2.0.x packaged for Debian !
> And I got it !

Congratulations! and thanks a lot (I started this work too, but got
too busy lately)

> Now, we need testing !

I will test those packages, probably in mid May.

> I packaged also all modules which was with Shinken 1.4 except
> Shinken-module-collectd (for arbiter). This module is not available to
> Shinken.io. We need to upload it to. I will try to do that this week !


> I have no Lintian Warning/Error except for shinken-module-webui. 3
> javscripts sources are missing :
>  - E: shinken-module-webui source: source-is-missing
> debian/missing-sources/detectmobilebrowser.js
>        => This one is not a javascript compressed file but it looks like
>  - E: shinken-module-webui source: source-is-missing
> module/plugins/eltdetail/htdocs/js/dollar.js
>        => This one is not a javascript compressed file but it looks like

You can use lintian overrides for both (man dh_lintian).

>  - E: shinken-module-webui source: source-is-missing
> module/plugins/threedimpacts/htdocs/js/optimer_bold.typeface.js
>        => I just didn't find the source...

Upstream is most likely at: https://launchpad.net/typeface.js, but:
- this plugin seems removed in current git :
- we don't know how it was minified

Maybe ask shinken upstream then.

> I'm waiting your comments !
> Thanks !
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Mathieu Parent

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