[Pkg-shinken-maint] Shinken 2.0 Livestatus

Thibault Cohen titilambert at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 11:44:37 UTC 2014


Hello ! 

You have to build packages to test it. 

You can see the
list of repositories here :


You just have to clone repo like this : 

git clone

then to build it : 

cd shinken-module-npcdmod

Thanks for your help ! 

Thibault Cohen

Le 17/06/2014 07:12,
Stéphane Kanschine a écrit : 

> Hi maintainers !
> I have some time
to test the package, investigate and fix this typo.
> My only problem
is that is i can't find 2.0 packages, only 1.4.2-3.
> It's been a
week i want to wrote about this, this request has a good
> timing :-)

> Best regards,
> Stéphane alias carxwol
> Le Tue 17 Jun, vers
12:54, Florian Zavatzki exprimait :
>> Hi, first, thanks for the
great work packaging the new shinken version. I started testing the new
shinken packages today and everything looks good so far. But during the
installation of the livestatus module I encountered some minor issues:
1. In the package shinken-module-livestatus there is an error in the
debian/install file for the configuration livestatus.cfg. In the
destination path there is also the filename livestatus.cfg given, I
think it should look like this: diff --git a/debian/install
b/debian/install index 35b8879..a7089a4 100644 --- a/debian/install +++
b/debian/install @@ -1,3 +1,3 @@ module/*
/usr/share/pyshared/shinken/modules/livestatus doc/*
-debian/etc/modules/livestatus.cfg /etc/shinken/modules/livestatus.cfg
+debian/etc/modules/livestatus.cfg /etc/shinken/modules 2. I'm not sure
if this comes from upstream, but activating the livestatus module in
/etc/shinken/brokers/broker.cfg is misleading. In the examples the
module is called 'Livestatus', but in the module configuration it is
called 'livestatus', which results in a error that the module couldn't
be found when following the examples. 3. After configuration of the
livestatus module, the following errors occurred in the broker logfile:
Error : [broker] The external module livestatus goes down unexpectedly!
Warning : The module type logstore-sqlite for LogStore was not found in
modules! Maybe a Recommends or Depends entry for
shinken-module-logstore-sqlite would be a good idea. Bye, Florian --
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