[Pkg-shinken-maint] Bug#777148: shinken does not start after install, need to manually enable systemd services

Thomas Pierson contact at thomaspierson.fr
Wed Feb 25 10:22:23 UTC 2015

Hello Mathieu, Thibault,

> I think there are two problems here:
> - We need to call "systemctl daemon-reload" on 
> shinken-common.postinst
> => This is needed for systemd to know about the new init file

Yes, I confirm that it solve the "first start" issue.

> - We probably need to mask the shinken service, as this is a
> bad-designed initscript which start all daemons from the same cgroup.
> See #740942 for a similar problem

I agree and I think there is an other side effects to this.
For example when I execute a restart of all individuals services with 
`services shinken-* restart` all daemons successfully restart and seem 
to be alive but shinken "checks" seems to be stopped and never happen 
I solve this issue by restarting again only the poller (wait some time) 
and then the arbiter. After that shinken checks reworks correctly.
So I think there is also something bad about the order/concurrency when 
all daemons start.

Maybe this could help you solving this issue.

Best regards,

Thomas Pierson

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