[Pkg-sql-ledger-discussion] LedgerSMB templates directory

Robert James Clay jame at rocasa.us
Tue Mar 20 13:57:39 UTC 2012

On Mon, 2012-03-12 at 08:34 -0400, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> On Sun, 11 Mar 2012, Robert James Clay wrote:

>   I was testing the menu items & found that although they're
> > available are available, attempting to use them ('Stylesheet' or
> > 'System|HTML Templates', for instance) results in "Template not found"
> > errors.

   I've tested it on 1.3.13 and found that the issue was still there.
Upstream has a fix in for it which should be available with the next
version (1.3.14);  I'll test it again, then.

> With sql-ledger templates are specific to each user IIRC. I don't know if
> it's the same with ledgersmb.

   They're selectable by users and editable by those who have the rights
to that, but I don't think it makes it 'specific' to the user except in
so far as they are selectable.


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