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Tue Aug 29 17:17:03 UTC 2006

(new) linux-patch-skas_3-1.diff.gz extra devel
(new) linux-patch-skas_3-1.dsc extra devel
(new) linux-patch-skas_3-1_all.deb extra devel
Separate Kernel Address Space patch
 This patch was created in order to provide enhanced security and performance
 for user-mode linux by allowing the UML kernel to run in a separate address
 space from the UML user processes.
(new) linux-patch-skas_3.orig.tar.gz extra devel
Changes: linux-patch-skas (3-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * rename package from kernel-patch-skas to linux-patch-skas
    and Replace/Conflict/Provide the old package.
  * updated 2.6.17 support with patch from Paolo Giarrusso repos.
  * bring kernel-patch-skas under the u-m-l Maintainers wing
  * Update 2.4.25 patch with latest available from Paolo Giarrusso.
  * add 2.6.10 patch from Paolo Giarrusso. (Closes: #293685)
  * filled the gap until 2.6.16 with patches from Paolo Giarrusso.
  * updated debhelper compatibility version.
  * remove localversion hunks to let people build kernels with make-kpkg.
  * acknowlegde NMUs (Closes: #257583) (Closes: #281554)

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