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Marc-André Lureau marcandre.lureau at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 18:02:11 UTC 2008

Hello Benjamin,

On Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 8:30 PM, Benjamin Drung
<benjamin.drung at gmail.com> wrote:

> is there a reason why you uploaded vala 0.3.5-1 to experimental instead
> of unstable?

It was also something quite new for me. Some discussion on irc yesterday :

23:17 < jdhore> Debian doesn't ship unstable GNOME/GTK apps
23:17 < jdhore> which i personally find to be smart

17:12 <@lool> unstable is used to prepred packages for lenny, and
lenny is quite frozen
17:13 <@lool> elmarco: However, in the last years Debian provided many
unstable GNOME platform packages in experimental
01:28 <@Np237> elmarco, experimental is made exactly for that; we only
push stable releases in unstable

Please use pkg-vala-maintainers at lists.alioth.debian.org, there might
be better answer coming from the mailing list.


Marc-André Lureau

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