[Pkg-vexim-user] SiteAdmin login again...

Friedemann Schorer Friedemann.Schorer at gmx.de
Tue May 22 15:42:48 UTC 2007

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Hi again,

> We did modify the way of vexim's installation a little bit; afte the
> installation you must point your browser to the url
> http://server/vexim/setup.php <-- of course replace "server" with your
> hostname.


> Then you are asked for the sietadmin's password twice, and if its
> ok, the password wil be set. once you have already entered a password
> for siteadmin and you point your browser gain to the url mentioned
> above, you will simply be forwarded to the login page of vexim.

Two things with this:
- - I can enter a new password for the siteadmin user, and it is shown correctly in the table (using phpmyadmin 2.10 from unstable, MySQL server 5.0.38 on an ethc system). But all login attempts fail.
- - The redirection in case a siteadmin user exists and after successfully entering a new password point to "/index.php". This fails on all installations that don't put vexim into the docroot of the used webserver. Changing the destination to "index.php" does the intended redirection.

> This "change of the installation" is documented in the manpage for
> vexim (man vexim).

Args. Txh for not shouting RTFM :D
Anyway - I'd like to suggest to put this into /usr/share/doc/vexim/README.Debian as well, because this is Debian-specific, and I believe many look there first instead of invoking man.

> Hey Fiedemann, nice to hear from you. I hope you are well ;o)
> [/OT]
> It's a huge motivation if people start at least trying our package, but
> there is still help needed in many places. So feel free to join our
> team.

Well, I'll try my best, but since I don't know PHP or the debian packaging system (apart from having a rather extensive job and three kids ;) ), I refrain from really joining. But I will keep testing and reporting in case I run into problems...

Best regards,

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