Bug#341968: If vim-gnome is installed, VIM quits unexpectedly while reading from stdin

Andrei Badea andrei.badea at movzx.net
Sun Dec 4 14:31:06 UTC 2005

Package: vim-gnome
Version: 6.4-001+2

If the vim-gnome package is installed, VIM quits while reading from stdin when
there's a delay of a few seconds until some input is produced. This doesn't
happen when the only installed VIM packages are vim and vim-common.

To reproduce:

1. With only vim and vim-common installed and while in X do:

    $ bash -c 'sleep 3; echo foo' | vim -

After three seconds VIM is displayed with the "foo" text in the buffer, as expected.

2. Install vim-gnome.

3. Repeat step 1:

    $ bash -c 'sleep 3; echo foo' | vim -

ERROR: After three seconds VIM quits and displays the "^[[>1;1113;0ct" string
(at least with gnome-terminal and bash).

Try also:

    $ echo foo | vim -

This works as expected.

I'm only experiencing this in an X session with both xterm and gnome-terminal.
I'm not experiencing it in a getty console.

In the real world I ran into this bug while using VIM to view CVS diffs to a
remote server (that's why the delay).

I'm using Debian GNU/Linux unstable, self-compiled kernel and libc6


andrei.badea at movzx.net # http://movzx.net # jabber:tam0 at njs.netlab.cz
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