switching to vim-tiny for standard vi?

Louis-David Mitterrand vindex at apartia.org
Wed Dec 21 14:05:33 UTC 2005

On Tue, Dec 20, 2005 at 01:53:07PM -0600, Steve Greenland wrote:
> On 20-Dec-05, 12:54 (CST), Graham Wilson <graham at mknod.org> wrote: 
> > I've found vim's defaults are unreadable except on a white background,
> > since that is what vim assumes you have by default.
> Actually, I do use a white background. Apparently your tolerance for
> yellow on white is higher than mine. (Not meant sarcastically, it's
> quite possible that you do see that combo better than I do.)

FWIW I have been using this for years on a white background and it's
much more readable: 

	if &background == "dark"
	  hi Comment	term=bold ctermfg=Cyan guifg=#80a0ff
	  hi Constant	term=underline ctermfg=Magenta guifg=#ffa0a0
	  hi Special	term=bold ctermfg=LightRed guifg=Orange
	  hi Identifier term=underline cterm=bold ctermfg=Cyan guifg=#40ffff
	  hi Statement	term=bold ctermfg=Yellow guifg=#ffff60 gui=bold
	  hi PreProc	term=underline ctermfg=LightBlue guifg=#ff80ff
	  hi Type	term=underline ctermfg=LightGreen guifg=#60ff60 gui=bold
	  hi Ignore	ctermfg=black guifg=bg
	  hi Comment	term=bold ctermfg=DarkCyan guifg=Blue
	  hi Constant	term=underline ctermfg=DarkBlue guifg=Magenta
	  hi Special	term=bold ctermfg=DarkRed guifg=SlateBlue
	  hi Identifier term=underline ctermfg=DarkGreen guifg=DarkCyan
	"   hi Statement	term=bold ctermfg=DarkMagenta gui=bold guifg=Brown
	  hi Statement	term=bold ctermfg=DarkMagenta guifg=Brown
	  hi PreProc	term=underline ctermfg=Brown guifg=Purple
	"   hi Type	term=underline ctermfg=DarkGreen guifg=SeaGreen gui=bold
	  hi Type	term=underline ctermfg=DarkGreen guifg=SeaGreen 
	  hi Ignore	ctermfg=white guifg=bg
	hi Error term=reverse ctermbg=Red ctermfg=White guibg=Red guifg=White
	hi Todo	 term=standout ctermbg=Yellow ctermfg=Black guifg=Blue guibg=Yellow

	highlight link Typedef Special
	highlight link StorageClass Special

Insert in ~/.vim/syntax.vim and make sure your ~/.vimrc has:

	if has("syntax")
		let mysyntaxfile = "~/.vim/syntax.vim"
		let myscriptsfile = "~/.vim/scripts.vim"
		let myfiletypefile = "~/.vim/filetype.vim"
		syntax on

Typed slowly for those who cannot read fast.

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