Bug#344219: vim-runtime: Can't open default syntax.vim file

Emilian Nowak emil5 at go2.pl
Thu Dec 22 01:09:02 UTC 2005

Dnia 2005-12-21 (środa) o 07:16:16 Norbert Tretkowski <norbert at tretkowski.de>

> Please make sure /etc/vim/vimrc is the file which comes with the
> Debian package, and not a modified one.
Is this, a good way to check this?:

~$ mkdir temporary
~$ dpkg-deb -x /var/cache/apt/archives/vim-common_1%3a6.4-004+1_i386.deb
~$ diff -s temporary/etc/vim/vimrc /etc/vim/vimrc
Files temporary/etc/vim/vimrc and /etc/vim/vimrc are identical

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