Bug#299446: RFH: vim -- Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor

Norbert Tretkowski tretkowski@inittab.de
Mon, 14 Mar 2005 16:00:58 +0100

* Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> btw, how do you work ? do we commit in trunk and then tag them ?


> is there any policies ?

Not yet. But I liked the svn policy of the xfree86 maintainers, I'll
try to find that mail in my archive.

> any work that have high priorities ...

As I wrote, we need to reduce the count of open bugreports. Some of
them are easy to fix, some others are already fixed in the current

There's also the upcoming vim 7 package in svn, but it's low priority,
we'll ship sarge with vim 6.3.

> well, could you in fact make some =AB status update =BB to the list ?

I'll write down some notes to the list within the next days.


P.S.: Please don't CC me on replies to the list, thanks.