Pierre Habouzit
Tue, 15 Mar 2005 12:01:28 +0100

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Le Mardi 15 Mars 2005 11:20, Gerfried Fuchs a =C3=A9crit=C2=A0:
> * Pierre Habouzit <> [2005-03-15 10:13]:
> > in order to close some longstanding bugs in the vim BTS, I made
> > some patches to your debcontrol.vim
>  Thanks. It would be appreciated if you could send a diff, though.
> This is common behavior when dealing with such things, the
> maintainers often have a local version they work on (which is reduced
> this time to a changed URL only, but still... :)).

hmm, sorry. was not very clever of me

> > I send you a copy of the current work.
>  Thanks. But:
> >  + Fix some debcontrol.vim issues:
> >    - don't search emails in fields that have not one (closes:
> > #114508).
>  Why have you removed the Enhances from debcontrolField? Why removed
> debcontrolVariable from Uploaders and Description field? Why didn't
> you document that change, too?

well, it appears it was a too quick fix of the patch on the BTS (i've=20
reworked a user proposed patch on the bts, and I didn't saw those=20
changes ... certainly becauses lines are very very long)

> >    - fix debcontrolName according to Policy (closes: #148144).
>  This fix is somewhat strange.  What's wrong with:
> syn match debcontrolName contained "\<[0-9+-.]\*[a-z][a-z0-9+-]*\>"

in fact, it appears that the debcontrol.vim was too old, and that my=20
patch was a mistake, I commited the wrongline, I had quite the same=20
regexp as yours. sorry

>  So long, and thanks. If there are any other reports about my syntax
> files feel free to send them forward directly. Find attached my
> updated file, minor the changes you didn't document and for which I
> don't see any valid reason.

thank you very much,. I'll include it asap.

=C2=B7O=C2=B7  Pierre Habouzit

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