Bug#220969: [vim #220969] This bugs shlud be closed

Alexis Sukrieh 220969@bugs.debian.org, 220969@bugs.debian.org
Tue, 15 Mar 2005 15:28:59 +0100

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* Klaus Ethgen (Klaus@Ethgen.de) disait :
> Yes. same with me. I normaly had "filetype indent on" but if I switch
> that of and the "set smartindent" then it works.

Well, MadCoder and I have just tested the "filetype indent" setting, and
it just works "out of the box".

For instance, create a file vimrc.vim with that only line:
    :filetype indent on

then edit a perl file like that:
    $ vim -u vimrc.vim test.pl

You'll see that the bug is _not_ reproducible.

This leads to say that this problem is a configuration issue, not a
fileindent one.

> > I'll then close the bug.
> Please not. it is not closed. It is still there but the smartindent is a
> workarround but do not acct exactely.

If you can prove me that this bug is reproducible with the basic config
file listed above, the bug won't be closed....

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