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From: Benjamin A. Okopnik <ben@Baldur>
Subject: vim: "/usr/share/doc/vim/tools/vimspell.sh" doesn't work
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Package: vim
Version: 6.0.270-1
Severity: normal

The above script has several bugs, including incorrect syntax and bad
parameter substitution for LOCAL_DICT (if the variable is defined, _no_
alternate dictionary will be used.) Here is a rewrite with a number of
improvements (faster, works in files with "syntax on", bugs fixed, etc.) A
modified "vimspell.txt" is also appended.

# Spellcheck a file and generate the syntax statements necessary to
# highlight the errors in "vim". Based on a program by Neil Schemenauer
# <nascheme@ucalgary.ca>, which was in turn based on ideas from Krishna
# Gadepalli <krishna@stdavids.picker.com>.
# I use the following mappings (in .vimrc):
#	no <F7> :syntax off<CR>:so `vimspell.sh %`<CR><CR>
#	no <F8> :syntax clear SpellErrors<CR>:syntax on<CR>
# Ben Okopnik <ben@callahans.org>
# May 2002

# Use 'tempfile' if it exists, 'PID' method otherwise
OUT=`eval \`which tempfile\``

# Use the local wordlist if one is defined or matches the default
[ -f "$LOCAL_DICT" ] && ARGS="--dictionary=$LOCAL_DICT"

spell $ARGS $1|sort -u|sed 's/.*/syntax match SpellErrors "&"/' > $OUT
printf "highlight link SpellErrors ErrorMsg\n\n!rm $OUT\n" >> $OUT
printf "$OUT\n"


Here is the text file.


This is a simple script to spell check a file and generate the syntax
statements necessary to highlight the errors in vim.  It is based on a
similar program by Neil Schemenauer <nascheme@ucalgary.ca>, which was in
turn based onone by Krishna Gadepalli <krishna@stdavids.picker.com>.

To use this script, first place it in a directory in your path.  Next,
you should add some convenient key mappings.  I use the following (in

	no <F7> :syntax off<CR>:so `vimspell.sh %`<CR><CR>
	no <F8> :syntax clear SpellErrors<CR>:syntax on<CR>

This program uses the "spell" command. On my Debian system, "spell" is a
wrapper around "ispell", and has different syntax from some other versions
of "spell" that I've seen in the past; the part that can go wrong in the
script is the one that specifies the "alternate dictionary":


If your version of "spell" uses different syntax for specifying one, simply
change the "--dictionary=" part to correct it.

Ben Okopnik <ben@callahans.org>

-- System Information
Debian Release: 3.0
Kernel Version: Linux Baldur 2.4.17-686 #2 Sat Dec 22 21:58:49 EST 2001 i686 unknown

Versions of the packages vim depends on:
ii  dpkg           1.9.20         Package maintenance system for Debian
ii  libc6          2.2.5-4        GNU C Library: Shared libraries and Timezone
ii  libgpmg1       1.19.6-11      General Purpose Mouse Library [libc6]
ii  libncurses5    5.2.20020112a- Shared libraries for terminal handling

--- Begin /etc/vim/vimrc (modified conffile)
" Configuration file for gvim
" Written for Debian GNU/Linux by W.Akkerman <wakkerma@debian.org>
" Some modifications by J.H.M. Dassen <jhm@cistron.nl>
" Normally we use vim-extensions. If you want true vi-compatibility
" remove change the following statements
set nocompatible	" Use Vim defaults (much better!)
set backspace=2		" allow backspacing over everything in insert mode
" Now we set some defaults for the editor 
set autoindent		" always set autoindenting on
set textwidth=0		" Don't wrap words by default
set nobackup		" Don't keep a backup file
set viminfo='20,\"50	" read/write a .viminfo file, don't store more than
			" 50 lines of registers
set history=50		" keep 50 lines of command line history
set ruler		" show the cursor position all the time
" Suffixes that get lower priority when doing tab completion for filenames.
" These are files we are not likely to want to edit or read.
set suffixes=.bak,~,.swp,.o,.info,.aux,.log,.dvi,.bbl,.blg,.brf,.cb,.ind,.idx,.ilg,.inx,.out,.toc
" We know xterm-debian is a color terminal
if &term =~ "xterm-debian" || &term =~ "xterm-xfree86"
  set t_Co=16
  set t_Sf=[3%dm
  set t_Sb=[4%dm
" Make p in Visual mode replace the selected text with the "" register.
vnoremap p <Esc>:let current_reg = @"<CR>gvdi<C-R>=current_reg<CR><Esc>
" Vim5 and later versions support syntax highlighting. Uncommenting the next
" 3 lines enables syntax highlighting by default.
if has("syntax") && &t_Co > 2
  syntax on
" Debian uses compressed helpfiles. We must inform vim that the main
" helpfiles is compressed. Other helpfiles are stated in the tags-file.
set helpfile=$VIMRUNTIME/doc/help.txt.gz
if has("autocmd")
 " Enabled file type detection
 " Use the default filetype settings. Also load indent files to automatically
 " do language-dependent indenting
 filetype plugin indent on
 " Also, support editing of gzip-compressed files. DO NOT REMOVE THIS!
 " This is also used when loading the compressed helpfiles.
endif " has ("autocmd")
" Some Debian-specific things
augroup filetype
  au BufRead reportbug.*		set ft=mail
augroup END
" The following are commented out as they cause vim to behave a lot
" different from regular vi. They are highly recommended though.
"set showcmd		" Show (partial) command in status line.
"set showmatch		" Show matching brackets.
"set ignorecase		" Do case insensitive matching
"set incsearch		" Incremental search
"set autowrite		" Automatically save before commands like :next and :make

--- End /etc/vim/vimrc

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From: Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org>
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Subject: Re: vim: "/usr/share/doc/vim/tools/vimspell.sh" doesn't work
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I'm closing this bug since vimspell.sh is no longer part of the vim
distribution and it is no longer in debian.

Users interested in spell checking inside vim should have a look, for
example, at the vimspell plugin:



Stefano Zacchiroli -*- Computer Science PhD student @ Uny Bologna, Italy
zack@{cs.unibo.it,debian.org,bononia.it} -%- http://www.bononia.it/zack/
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