Bug#206782: Fixes for the Vim spanish translation

A. J. Mechelynck "A. J. Mechelynck" <antoine.mechelynck@skynet.be>, 206782@bugs.debian.org
Sun, 27 Mar 2005 13:58:42 +0200

Javier Fern=E1ndez-Sanguino Pe=F1a wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 27, 2005 at 01:13:09PM +0200, A. J. Mechelynck wrote:
>>The translation attachment (snipped) was actually in ISO-8859-15, even=20
>>though it includes "charset: ISO-8859-1". Apparently the accented=20
>>Spanish vowels are not in the same slots.
> Well, they should be ISO-8859-15 only changes (from ISO-8859-1) the EUR=
> character (=A4) and should be the same as ISO-8859-15 in all other aspe=
> Strange...
> Regards
> Javi

All I can say is that in the message as sent, all accented vowels were=20
replaced by black diamonds with a white ? over each of them. Manually=20
setting the "character encoding" to UTF-8 still displayed it wrongly,=20
setting it to ISO-8859-15 showed them correctly. -- In the message as=20
received, ISO-8859-1 was checked in the View -> Character Encoding menu=20
of my mail client, Mozilla Thunderbird version 1.0.2 (20050325).

Best regards,