Bug#206782: Fixes for the Vim spanish translation

Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña , 206782@bugs.debian.org
Sun, 27 Mar 2005 15:56:21 +0200

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(Note: Removing control@bugs.debian.org from CC: as this is a bug control=

On Sun, Mar 27, 2005 at 07:38:30AM -0500, Alejandro L=F3pez-Valencia wrote:
> I've taken the freedom of corecting the CC'ed address from "maintainer=20
> Please notice that the protocol for reporting bugs on any contributed=20
> file to vim is to contact the file maintainer first, the vim developers=
> list (in case the maintainer listens there, most of us do) second and =20
> the vim maintainer (at the address mentioned above) third. In general=20
> bug reports to Linux distros that are not related to packaging problems=
> directly get lost in the cracks, unless it is some orphaned application=
> adopted by member projects (something I appreciate deeply in Debian, btw).

Understood. Please also notice that when I originally reported the bug
(after reviewing the Debian sources) the vim translation had not been
updated for quite a long time. I submited the bug in Debian August 2003
(almost two years ago!) For the full bug history you might want to review

Maybe the problem here really is that there wasn't (at the time) proper=20
communication between the vim package maintainers and the vim developers.

> As already said: current locale is way ahead of the curve. In fact I=20
> have already contributed a version using the ORCA glossary as guideline,=
> same used by Javier. My last update to the file is dated  January 10,=20
> 2005. I guess it wasn't updated in the official vim distribution=20
> <ftp://ftp.vim.org/pub/vim/messages/>  yet.

Well, I base mine of the Debian vim sources, it might be out of date.

> I've taken to keeping copies of the latest working versions at=20
> <http://dradul.tripod.com/vim/> so you may want to keep an eye there.=20
> Anyway, I find some of your corrections valid and in fact a valuable=20
> help in my work. Be assured that I am integrating them into my working=20
> copies as I write this and will submit new copies to the Vim maintainer=
> and upload them to my web site. In fact I am very appreciative of the=20
> fact that you, Javier, are the first person to report bugs on the=20
> translation (of which I'm sure there are many). It is just that you=20
> didn't follow protocol so this has taken more effort and tolled more=20
> energy on you than necessary :-).

I actually mailed the maintainer of the vim translation at the time
(Eduardo F. Amatria <eferna1@platea.pntic.mec.es>) when I submitted the bug
fix to Debian. Unfortunately, it seems he did not do any thing.

The fact is, I didn't know there was a new maintainer of the translation=20
until yesterday (when Pierre Habouzit sent the 'wontfix' message). I was=20
actuallly gladly surprise to see the things that bugged me most ('Recubrir'=
for 'Recover') already fixed in that.=20

> As suggested above, I strongly disagree with forking the translation=20
> without official adoption. This only brings about effort dispersion.=20
> Now, if I suddenly dropped dead, or wasn't able or williing to keep=20
> maintaining the translation, I already know that Javier could continue=20
> the work. :-).

I don't intend to fork the translation, my main goal is to have this=20
integrated into vim proper.

> Ahh! Those" faux amis" that always bite you back and hard. I appreciate=
> that you have taken the time to do editing work, it is really important=
> to have peer review when doing a translation.

Sure, that's why we do peer reviews for most translations at=20

> I would say that I'd much rather have you send me a (context or unified)=
> diff file. You made the corrections on an older version of the file, so=
> I'll have to integrate the changes by hand anyway.

I will do so shortly.

> And as you mention other distros besides Debian..., I'd much rather=20
> prefer to receive the bug reports and suggested changes directly so that=
> eveyone can have an homogeneous version of the message catalog. That's=20
> why my address is in the file header. :-)

Yes, that's why I CCed you, but given the past experience, I decided to go=
ahead and CC some other people just in case the translation update got lost=
(again) :-)



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