Bug#384019: manual-copyright clarification

Bram Moolenaar Bram at moolenaar.net
Tue Aug 22 19:52:14 UTC 2006

James Vega wrote:

> In the manual-copyright help toic, the text states that the user manual
> and reference manual are licensed under the Open Publication License[0]
> (which is also referred to in the subsequent frombook topic).  The
> URL[1] listed under manual-copyright points to the Open Content License
> (which confusingly uses the same OPL acronym as the Open Publication
>  License).  Could you clarify which license was the intended license for
> the user and reference manual?

The name "Open Publication License" is right, the URL was wrong.

The book by Steve Oualline uses this license, I used it for the Vim
documentation to avoid any trouble.  Otherwise I don't care much what
license is used exactly.

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