Bug#327037: moreinfo

Jan Otte jan.otte at logicacmg.com
Mon Jan 16 11:21:50 UTC 2006


when i use mouse for copy&paste, it is accessing only the PRIMARY x11
selection (the quotestar ("*) register).

I will try to illustrate it on example:

1. Run OpenOffice.org
2. Open new document (text one)
3. Write some text
4. Select the text (e.g. with mouse)
5. Do Edit->Copy (or Ctrl+C)

at this point, the text selected in OpenOffice.org is stored in both
PRIMARY and CLIPBOARD X-11 selections.

6. Go to any xterm
7. Select any text with mouse

at this point, PRIMARY selection is filled with text from xterm, but
CLIPBOARD selection is filled with text from OpenOffice.org

8. Go to (X11-aware (e.g. gtk version) of vim)
9. try to paste from PRIMARY (quotestar):
   (a) with mouse: middle click (default)
   (b) with keyboard: "*p (in command mode)
10. try to paste from CLIPBOARD (quoteplus)
   (a) with keyboard: "+p (in command mode)

Now, the problem is, that in the default compiled vim in Debian (not the
vim-gtk etc.), the quotestar and quoteplus registers are not available,
thus there is possible to access only the quotestar (x11 PRIMARY
selection) via mouse.

If i need to paste from CLIPBOARD X11 selection, i need to use e.g.
xclipboard or such thing. More than that, if i want to use the PRIMARY
selection for something more sofisticated than simply paste, i cannot
access it directly because the quotestar register is unaccessible too --
i need to use mouse to paste the text, then copy it to another register
and only after that i could use it directly.

I hope that it is more clear now. I am sorry for not describing it
clearly for the first time.


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