Bug#348661: vim doesn't handle its runtime files anymore: syntax highligt for help and in general is broken, it doesen't decoce gziped file per default and so on

Pierre Habouzit madcoder at debian.org
Wed Jan 18 10:33:50 UTC 2006

Le Mer 18 Janvier 2006 10:37, Thomas Glanzmann a écrit :
> Package: vim
> Version: 1:6.4-006+1
> Severity: serious
> Tags: experimental
> Hello,
> please test your packages before publishing them.

instead of bitching on the work of *many* persons (at least 3 different 
persons have checked that package before the upload, which makes 2 more 
than a lot of ones in debian), 

please just verify that your /etc/vimrc is up to date : verify that the 
one in the package has been merged, and is not stayed 
under /etc/vim/vimrc.dpkg-new.

if yes, please close that bug, and fix that yourself (and/or open a bug 
on dpkg which is here the one responsible)

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