Bug#348661: vim doesn't handle its runtime files anymore: syntax highligt for help and in general is broken, it doesen't decoce gziped file per default and so on

Pierre Habouzit madcoder at debian.org
Wed Jan 18 12:27:39 UTC 2006

Le Mer 18 Janvier 2006 11:56, Norbert Tretkowski a écrit :
> * Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> > if yes, please close that bug, and fix that yourself (and/or open a
> > bug on dpkg which is here the one responsible)
> If not, we should check if upgrading from sarge to unstable vim works
> as expected, especially the diversions -> alternatives conversion.

> I saw a problem yesterday, upgrading from a vim backport to a newer
> version of the vim backport, and /usr/bin/vim was still diverted
> after the upgrade, which ends up /usr/bin/vim to be vim 6.3.x instead
> 6.4, with the same result, enabling syntax hilighting failed, because
> the runtimepath was wrong (displayed to runtime files from vim 6.4,
> but 6.3 was running).

obviously this has to be checked... Though, the current vimrc merge 
seems to be due to dpkg ?! This was spotted by one of our users 
earlier, and that's why I suggested that.

We have two major answer here :

* remove /usr/share/vim/vim?? in the runtime list, using the recently
  added vimcurrent symlink --> that has been done

* use ucf to manage /etc/vim/*rc files, so that our changes to the
  runtime line (that the user is quite unlikely to change, whereas he
  has all the reason in the world to change the `" syntax on' line e.g.

I use ucf on some of my packages after having to many troubles with 
users that modified (legitimately) some config files, and didn't 
checked the change I did in the next version of the package. I've then 
used ucf, and my change just are merged into the user's 99% of the 
time, and I've received no bug related to config files so far.
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