Bug#348955: vim: lost syntax/svn.vim in the latest update

Pierre Habouzit pierre.habouzit at m4x.org
Fri Jan 20 10:20:24 UTC 2006

> this is what I thought :
> dh_install -X.svn generate a find command that (for the interesting
> part) looks like :
> find $DIR ! \( -regex .\*.svn.\* )
> which excludes svn.vim for a reason I can't understand, since even
> with the regex dot, ^svn.vim$ shouldn't be matched by the regex :
> .*.svn.* that requires a character to be present before the `svn`.
> anyway, there is a trivial fix, I'm on it. Since the same find with
> \\.svn instead of .svn does what it should. I think this worth a bug
> report on find.
> what do you think ?

this is not a find bug ... the file name of svn.vim as seen by find is :

..../svn.vim ... so it matches .*.svn.*
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