VIM syntax files for cmake

A. Maitland Bottoms bottoms at
Mon Jun 19 16:30:27 UTC 2006

Debian VIM Maintainers:

Heads-up on my upload of cmake 2.4.2-1
I'm requesting advice from VIM Maintainers on the need
for me to fix this in a cmake 2.4.2-2 upload...

On Mon, 19 Jun 2006 15:48:12 +0200, Michael Biebl <biebl at> writes:
 > I just noticed that a new version of cmake finally landed in incoming.
 > Reading the changelog I noticed that you install the vim syntax files.
 > This is not necessary anymore, as the vim packages in Debian already
 > have support for cmake since version 1:7.0-017+2. Please see also
 > I'm not sure what happens if vim finds two cmake syntax files but it
 > surely would be better if only one version (preferrably the one in vim)
 > is shipped.

As it stands, there is no file conflict, and cmake and vim install
simultaneously. Please test and advise,


P.S. - Any KDE 4 types, help me make sure that cmake supports
your efforts.

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