r520 - trunk/vim7/debian/tiny

James Vega jamessan at costa.debian.org
Sat Mar 25 22:52:47 UTC 2006

Author: jamessan
Date: 2006-03-25 22:52:47 +0000 (Sat, 25 Mar 2006)
New Revision: 520

Add some more features so the list is more inline with what we include in vim6.

Modified: trunk/vim7/debian/tiny/features.txt
--- trunk/vim7/debian/tiny/features.txt	2006-03-25 22:51:51 UTC (rev 519)
+++ trunk/vim7/debian/tiny/features.txt	2006-03-25 22:52:47 UTC (rev 520)
@@ -20,18 +20,28 @@
 Extra features compiled in vim tiny:
 FEAT_AUTOCMD		N  *+autocmd*		|:autocmd|, automatic commands
+FEAT_BYTEOFF		N  *+byte_offset*	support for 'o' flag in 'statusline' option, "go"
 FEAT_CMDL_COMPL		N  *+cmdline_compl*	command line completion |cmdline-completion|
+FEAT_CMDHIST		N  *+cmdline_hist*	command line history |cmdline-history|
+FEAT_CMDL_INFO		N  *+cmdline_info*	|'showcmd'| and |'ruler'|
+FEAT_COMMENTS		N  *+comments*		|'comments'| support
 FEAT_DIFF		N  *+diff*		|vimdiff| and 'diff'
 FEAT_DIGRAPHS		N  *+digraphs*		|digraphs| *E196*
 FEAT_EVAL		N  *+eval*		expression evaluation |eval.txt|
 FEAT_EX_EXTRA		N  *+ex_extra*		Vim's extra Ex commands: |:center|, |:left|,
+FEAT_SEARCH_EXTRA	N  *+extra_search*	|'hlsearch'| and |'incsearch'| options.
+FEAT_SEARCHPATH		N  *+file_in_path*	|gf|, |CTRL-W_f| and |<cfile>|
 FEAT_FOLDING		N  *+folding*		|folding|
 FEAT_INS_EXPAND		N  *+insert_expand*	|insert_expand| Insert mode completion
+FEAT_LISTCMDS		N  *+listcmds*		Vim commands for the list of buffers |buffer-hidden|
 FEAT_QUICKFIX		N  *+quickfix*		|:make| and |quickfix| commands
 FEAT_SCROLLBIND		N  *+scrollbind*	|'scrollbind'|
+FEAT_SMARTINDENT	N  *+smartindent*	|'smartindent'|
 FEAT_TEXTOBJ		N  *+textobjects*	|text-objects| selection
 FEAT_USR_CMDS		N  *+user_commands*	User-defined commands. |user-commands|
 FEAT_VERTSPLIT		N  *+vertsplit*		Vertically split windows |:vsplit|
+FEAT_VIMINFO		N  *+viminfo*		|'viminfo'|
+FEAT_VISUALEXTRA	N  *+visualextra*	extra Visual mode commands |blockwise-operators|
 If we do not want vimdiff in vim-tiny, we can remove from above: _AUTOCMD,

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