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Bram Moolenaar Bram at
Sun Mar 26 12:18:55 UTC 2006

Stefano -

>   attached you can find four patches for filetype.vim which have been
> shipped in the vim's debian package for quite a while. They have been
> asked by our users in the past.
> They add/improve support for:
> - debian packages compressed changelog

I don't see why this is needed.  The gzip plugin should already take
care of decompressing the file and detecting the filetype without ".gz".
I just tried and it works fine for me without the patch.

> - cobol vs python tension for .cpy files


> - zope *-template

OK.  Note that "sql" has recently be changed, using "g:filetype_sql".
What kind of SQL does Zope use?

> - debian NEWS files

OK.  Although NEWS.Debian.gz isn't needed, as above.

> - some scilab files


> Could you please consider applying them before the vim 7 release?


> BTW, we have a lot more patches in the Debian package that we will be
> happy to contribute back to the official vim release. Do you mind if in
> the next days we (Debian vim maintainers) will mail you asking for their
> inclusion? Do you prefer if we mail their maintainer / vim-dev /
> whatever?

This is a good time to send them.  Things that may need discussing can
go to the vim-dev list, the rest straight to me.

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