patches for muttrc.vim

Gary Johnson garyjohn at
Thu Mar 30 08:53:25 UTC 2006


Have you looked at the new muttrc.vim file submitted yesterday to by Kyle Wheeler?  
He has added a lot more keywords and other stuff than your patches 
do and claims that it works with mutt 1.5.11.  I have not checked it 
out yet to see what it looks like, but I don't have the time to do a 
thorough check anyway.

Kyle's muttrc.vim file header lists him as the maintainer with a 
note that Peppe was the original author.  It seems to me that if he 
is willing to take on the responsibility, he might as well be the 
official maintainer.  So, if we don't hear from Peppe, I think we 
should send a note to Kyle and Bram recommending that his muttrc.vim 
file replace the existing one for the 7.0 release.

What do you think?


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