Bug#390151: vim-ruby doesn't support cursor arrows in insert mode

Maurizio Lemmo (Tannoiser) tannoiser at tenzione.it
Fri Sep 29 14:27:31 UTC 2006

* venerdì 29 settembre 2006, alle 10:15, James Vega scrive:
> > I always test this with "vim -u NONE" start command. I tested different
> > flavor of LANG variables (C, en_US...), but no luck.
> Invoking vim as "vim -u NONE" will always cause this behavior since Vim
> is in vi-compatible mode.  If you still see the problem when invoking
> VIm as "vim -u NONE -N", then there is a problem.  I was unable to
> reproduce this using "vim -u NONE -N" with vim-ruby.

Thank you James, for your promptly response.

You have a point. With "vim -u NONE -N" there's no problem at all. So,
this bug is bogus, and I apologize.

Probably something in my .vimrc do this to me, even I had the "set
nocompatible" in it.

I've to do much more investigation, I'm sorry again.

Have a nice day.

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