Provides: vim-variant (or such ...)

Stefano Zacchiroli zack at
Sun Jan 28 22:23:14 UTC 2007

I've started packaging vim-addon-manager, the supposedly 1-year old
addon manager for vim addons. But more on this later ... this mail is
about providing a "something" from all packages which ships some variant
or vim.

I would like vim-addon-manager to recommends some variant of vim: I'm
fine with vim-tiny, vim, or whatever other compilation of vim we have in
Debian. The best way I found to specify that is the following:

  Recommends: vim-tiny | vim | gvim

with the latter branch being possible because all GUI-enabled vim
variants we ship as binary packages Provides: gvim.

What about providing some common name from all packages shipping a vim
compilation? Since "vim" is already taken (by the binary shipping
vim.basic) I would go for "vim-variant" or "vim-editor" ...


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