Bug#495016: Upgrade seems to have broken vim-vimoutliner (folding, tabs, checkboxes)

Björn Steinbrink B.Steinbrink at gmx.de
Wed Aug 13 21:53:44 UTC 2008

[Second try, first one went to submit at ...., sorry about that]

On 2008.08.13 22:59:48 +0200, Jan Schumacher wrote:
> While syntax highlighting still works and the filetype seems to be correctly
> set, folding is disabled, tab is not reset to noexpandtab, tabstop is not
> reset and the checkbox extension has stopped working.
> All symptoms vanish when downgrading to the above mentioned versions.
> I have to admit to know little about vim scripting, but is there something I
> can do to supply additional information? Thanks in advance.

I guess that's because filetype plugins are now disabled by default, I
just had to reenable that here as well, quite a few things broke for me
because of that change.

Try adding:
filetype plugin on

to your vimrc.

Btw, a comment in my /etc/vim/vimrc still says that filetype plugins are
enabled by default. And as there's no vimrc.dpkg-foobar around, I guess
that comment is also still in the packaged file. Would be cool if that
could be fixedm if you keep the filetype plugins disabled. Might save
someone some time. It certainly took me quite a bit of pointless
debugging before I stopped trusting that comment and looked into


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