Bug#495016: Upgrade seems to have broken vim-vimoutliner (folding, tabs, checkboxes)

Björn Steinbrink B.Steinbrink at gmx.de
Wed Aug 13 22:32:42 UTC 2008

On 2008.08.13 18:09:58 -0400, James Vega wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 11:53:44PM +0200, Björn Steinbrink wrote:
> > [Second try, first one went to submit at ...., sorry about that]
> > 
> > On 2008.08.13 22:59:48 +0200, Jan Schumacher wrote:
> > > While syntax highlighting still works and the filetype seems to be correctly
> > > set, folding is disabled, tab is not reset to noexpandtab, tabstop is not
> > > reset and the checkbox extension has stopped working.
> > > 
> > > All symptoms vanish when downgrading to the above mentioned versions.
> > > 
> > > I have to admit to know little about vim scripting, but is there something I
> > > can do to supply additional information? Thanks in advance.
> > 
> > I guess that's because filetype plugins are now disabled by default, I
> > just had to reenable that here as well, quite a few things broke for me
> > because of that change.
> This was announced in NEWS.Debian (and is documented in the changelog).
> I'd recommend installing apt-listchanges so updates to NEWS.Debian are
> displayed to you when you upgrade.

There was no offense intended. Incompatible changes happen. I just said
that to justify my guess about the reason for Jan's problem. Sorry.

And I probably read the changelog in aptitude before updating, but
didn't really notice the filetypes change to be important for me (and
wouldn't have when reading the NEWS entry either).

So I already had vim running, did the upgrade and only noticed the
problem a few of hours (days?) later, when I started a new vim process.
At that point I had long forgotten about the changes.

I should have read the changelog again at _that_time_, and not trusted
the vimrc comments, but unfortunately apt-listchanges doesn't
automatically start when the user is confused, so that wouldn't have
helped ;-)

> > Btw, a comment in my /etc/vim/vimrc still says that filetype plugins are
> > enabled by default. And as there's no vimrc.dpkg-foobar around, I guess
> > that comment is also still in the packaged file.
> Thanks for noticing that.  I'll change that for the next upload.



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