Bug#495981: Seems that the column number wraps back to 1 after 256 when using the mouse

Leo Moisio leo.moisio at gmail.com
Thu Aug 21 19:38:06 UTC 2008

Tried a full-screen vim, 426 columns in total. It seems that if I click any
column over 256, the mouse cursor is moved on the same line, but 256 columns to
the left. It seems like the column of the mouse cursor is truncated to unsigned
8bit integer at some point.

Clicking the mouse between columns 223 and 256 do weird things. Maybe those
values are used as some kind of status codes instead of coordinates.

However this kind of bug totally kills usability of :vsplit windows. Just 3
split windows side by side will mean that it's impossible to click the right
side of the rightmost split.

The terminals themselves have no trouble letting me paint text on the
right side of
a very wide terminal, and vim itself handles wide terminals correctly
otherwise but
for the mouse.

Leo Moisio

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