Bug#531647: vim-tiny: should depend on indent

Geoffrey Thomas geofft at MIT.EDU
Wed Jun 3 00:30:52 UTC 2009

Package: vim-tiny
Version: 2:7.2.148-2


If you try to reindent a line in vim-tiny with the '==' keystroke, it 
fails with the error "/bin/bash: indent: command not found". Worse, since 
the indent command didn't produce any output, it deletes the line you 
tried to indent.

So, vim-tiny should Depend or at least Recommend indent, so that indenting 
lines works.

More featureful versions compile with +cindent or +smartindent, which 
bring in the "internal formatting program" that ':help =' discusses, so 
this isn't an issue there.

Geoffrey Thomas
geofft at mit.edu

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