Bug#346089: NetRW resets split window sizes

Charles E. Campbell, Jr. drchip at campbellfamily.biz
Thu Mar 5 02:15:21 UTC 2009

James Vega wrote:
> Charles,
> Since various parts of autoload/netrw.vim uses :new to handle
> transferring the remote file, users with 'equalalways' set and non-equal
> window sizes will see the windows change size when using NetRW.
> To reproduce:
>    vim -u NORC -N
>    :wincmd s
>    :4wincmd -
>    :e sftp://user@host/file
>    :put _
>    :w
What version of netrw are you using?  I tried both ftp and sftp and 
didn't see the effect with v136b.

Chip Campbell

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