[SCM] Vim packaging annotated tag, upstream/7.2.130, created. upstream/7.2.130

James Vega jamessan at debian.org
Thu Mar 5 15:27:05 UTC 2009

The annotated tag, upstream/7.2.130 has been created
        at  c86be614b2cadd15fcbe62078736b6dc2f64e117 (tag)
   tagging  9cff935c8e77e1c183983d0b8af15b8ac836a028 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/7.2.079
 tagged by  James Vega
        on  Tue Mar 3 10:23:23 2009 -0500

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 7.2.130
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)


Bram Moolenaar (51):
      [7.2.080] accessing wrong memory with completion and composing char
      [7.2.081] compiler warning for float overflow on VAX
      [7.2.082] if 'ff' is "mac" then "ga" on a ^J shows 0x0d instead of 0x0a
      [7.2.083] ":tag" doesn't return to the right tag entry in the tag stack
      [7.2.084] Python: vim.eval() is wrong for recursive structures
      [7.2.085] ":set <M-b>=<Esc>b" does not work when 'encoding' is utf-8
      [7.2.086] using ":diffget 1" in buffer 1 corrupts the text
      [7.2.087] adding URL to 'path' doesn't work to edit a file
      [7.2.088] (extra) Win32: Using the clipboard sometimes fails
      [7.2.089] (extra) Win32: crash when using Ultramon buttons
      [7.2.090] user command containing 0x80 does not work properly
      [7.2.091] ":cs help" output is not aligned for some languages
      [7.2.092] some error messages are not translated
      [7.2.093] (extra) dialogs can't always handle multi-byte text
      [7.2.094] compiler warning for signed/unsigned compare, typos
      [7.2.095] using "r" and then CTRL-C Visual highlighting is not removed
      [7.2.096] after ":number" "Press Enter" msg may be on the wrong screen
      [7.2.097] "!xterm&" doesn't work when 'shell' is "bash"
      [7.2.098] warning for signed/unsigned pointer
      [7.2.099] unnecessary redraw when changing GUI options in terminal
      [7.2.100] missing first three bytes on sourced FIFO
      [7.2.101] (extra) MSVC version not recognized
      [7.2.102] (after 7.2.100) BOM at start of Vim script not removed
      [7.2.103] tab page line isn't always updated, e.g. when 'bomb' is set
      [7.2.104] after ":saveas foo" the tab label isn't updated right away
      [7.2.105] modeline setting for 'foldmethod' overrules diff options
      [7.2.106] endless loop for "]s" in HTML when there are no misspellings
      [7.2.107] After a GUI dialog ":echo" messages are deleted
      [7.2.108] (after 7.2.105) can't compile without the diff feature
      [7.2.109] 'langmap' does not work for multi-byte characters
      [7.2.110] compiler warning for unused variable
      [7.2.111] selection unclear for Visual block mode with 'cursorcolumn'
      [7.2.112] cursor invisible in first col in Visual mode if 'number' set
      [7.2.113] crash when using submatch() in substitute()
      [7.2.114] using wrong printf format: %d instead of %ld
      [7.2.115] some debugging code is never used
      [7.2.116] not all memory is freed when EXITFREE is defined
      [7.2.117] location list incorrectly labelled "Quickfix List"
      [7.2.118] <PageUp> at the more prompt only does half a page
      [7.2.119] status line is redrawn too often
      [7.2.120] location list is copied and then deleted when opening window
      [7.2.121] can't stop output of "!grep a *.c" in gvim with CTRL-C
      [7.2.122] invalid mem access if VimResized autocmd changes screen size
      [7.2.123] ":map" output continues after typing 'q' at more prompt
      [7.2.124] ":tselect" output continues after typing 'q' at more prompt
      [7.2.125] leaking memory when reading XPM bitmap for a sign
      [7.2.126] when EXITFREE is defined signs and keymaps are not freed
      [7.2.127] get another more prompt after typing 'q'
      [7.2.128] (after 7.2.055) ":lcd" causes invalid session file
      [7.2.129] opening command window from input() uses the search history
      [7.2.130] Vim may haing until CTRL-C is typed when using CTRL-Z


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