Bug#346089: NetRW resets split window sizes

Charles Campbell Charles.E.Campbell at nasa.gov
Thu Mar 5 19:17:14 UTC 2009

James Vega wrote:
> I.e., make a change to the file and write it out again.  I should've
> made it more clear in my initial mail that the window resizing is
> happening in NetWrite.
OK, I see it now -- and I'm not sure about how to work around it.

Current process:
  A temporary buffer is made to hold commands via "new", the commands 
are passed through a filter, and then the temporary buffer is deleted.

Simply doing my usual options-are-giving-grief fix: save setting in 
variable, set setting to innocuousness, restore setting -- doesn't work, 
as the act of restoring the setting itself is enough to change the 
windows' sizes.

Writing the commands into the user's buffer with the intent to remove 
them later is possible, but there's a lot more things that can go wrong 
(who knows what sort of indenting, for example).
I suppose I could try to record all the windows' current heights and 
widths and try to restore them.  That could be tricky, too.   Anyway, 
this problem doesn't seem to have a quick fix, so I'll have to think on it.
Hmm -- enew doesn't change the window sizes with equalalways -- maybe 
that'd be a way to do it...

Chip Campbell

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