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我有新的電郵地址!你現可電郵給我:mibruni59 at

- BRANCH: PLOT 785 INDUSTRIAL AVENUE Tel: (00229) 97 61 48 17 / Fax: (00229) 21 33 80 80 BENIN REPUBLIC Website:


 In reference to the general consensus meeting held with the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Internal Revenue which the theme was to settle all compensation Debts owed by Individuals and Government.

 Your funds Mrs Comfort Ibruni  which is compensation of $500,000.00 was brougth to us and was to be transferred via Western Union Money Transfer. In accordance to the engagement agreement with the various Ministries, The Western Union here in Benin Republic has limited transfer rate because of International communities and Anti-Terrorist/Drug Law so, we are only permitted to transfer $5,000.00 daily until your total funds completely paid.

Please send to us your full names and address with city and country as stated below to receive your compensation funds as we are only permitted to transfer $5,000.00 daily.

 Receiver Name-------------,Country--------------,City---------------,Phone--------------,Test question-------------,Answer----------------,

We await your prompt response.

Mr Benson Dossou,br>
Senior Management - WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER BRANCH: PLOT 785 INDUSTRIAL AVENUE, Tel: (00229) 97 61 48 17 / Fax: (00229) 21 33 80 80,BENIN REPUBLICWebsite;

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