Bug#544682: [PATCH] Use mkdtemp if available, prevent writing past end of string otherwise.

Bram Moolenaar Bram at Moolenaar.net
Mon Nov 9 18:43:17 UTC 2009

James -

> vim_tempname, when TEMPDIRS is defined, attempts to create a temp directory as
> follows:
> for each dir in TEMPDIRS
>   if dir exists
>     for i in 1 .. 10000
>       append vXXXXXX string to dirname
>       mkdir dirname
>       if mkdir succeeded, break
>       else, continue with next i
> The problem here is that itmp, which stores the directory name, is only
> TEMPNAMELEN bytes long (max of 256).  Yet, the loop appends 7 characters
> potentially 10,000 times.  This blatantly writes past the end of itmp if the
> loop runs more than a handful of times.
> Exactly this happened in <http://bugs.debian.org/544682>.  The fault lies
> squarely in smbnetfs for erroneously stating that $TMPDIR, $TMPDIRv667563,
> $TMPDIRv667563v66754, etc. were existing directories, but Vim should avoid
> crashing in that scenario.
> First, the logic for creating a temp directory should take advantage of
> existing library functionality.  To that end, vim_tempfile will now use
> mkdtemp if it is available.  This change itself prevents the crash from
> happening wherever Vim can use mkdtemp (which should be widely available).
> Second, if mkdtemp isn't used, vim_tempfile will overwrite the previous
> generated string instead of appending to itmp.  I.e., directory names will
> progress as $TMPDIRv667563, $TMPDIRv667564, $TMPDIRv667565, etc. instead of
> $TMPDIRv667563, $TMPDIRv667563v667564, $TMPDIRv667563v667564v667565.  This
> is meant as a safe guard for the places, if there are any, where the
> TEMPDIRS section of the code is run and mkdtemp is not available.

Thanks for the patch, I'll look into it soon.

- Bram

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